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The Truth About Episode 022

The Truth About David Beckham: the man who took soccer and celebrity status to a whole new level. His relationships with Sir Alex Ferguson, and his popstar wife, Posh Spice.

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The Truth About Episode 021

The Truth About Bending The Rules: from Maradona's Hand of God to doping at the Tour de France highlighted by disgraced American Lance Armstrong, some athletes pull out all the stops to get a competitive edge. Calciopoli, tax evasion, deflategate, even murder, and what the doping police. or WADA, have to say.

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The Truth About Episode 020

The Truth About Stadiums: if walls could talk what would they say about victories and defeats at places like the Maracana, Wembley Stadium or Camp Nou? The biggest stadiums in America, the historic ones throughout Europe, and the forgotten ones like the Birds Nest in China, they are the homes where dreams are dashed or brought to fruition.

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The Truth About Episode 019

The Truth About Life After Sport: Dave Whelan purchased Wigan Athletic and saw his team win the FA Cup he couldn't as a player. Footballers who found fame on the big screen Jones and Cantona

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The Truth About Episode 018

The Truth About the 2014 German World Cup Football Team: the losses leading to their successes - the 1966 World Cup final and the 1970 Game of the Century. Their rise to the top in Brazil, including the surprise demolition of the host nation.

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The Truth About Episode 017

The Truth About Ferrari: founder Enzo Ferrari and the president's behind the prancing horse. Their driving champions through the years, from Ascari to Lauda to Schumacher. Team principals, partners and their passionate fans, making the Ferrari brand the world's most followed, and the team F1's most successful.

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The Truth About Episode 016

The Truth About Wives And Girlfriends: the original WAGS that shot to fame being by their men's side. And Hollywood's hottest, where fame came before their sporting beau.

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The Truth About Episode 014

The Truth About Sports Diehards: from Gordie Howe on ice, to Kelly Slater in the water, it's about the oldies who successfully wrestle with father time. Italian footballers Buffon and Totti. American boxers Foreman and Bernard.

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The Truth About Episode 013

The Truth About The Belgian Football Team: the Belgian blueprint and the development of the current Belgian team. Eden Hazard, Captain Vincent Kompany, and keeper Thibaut Courtois. The War Pig, manager Marc Wilmots the chocolate, the beer, the Van Damme and all things Belgium.

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The Truth About Episode 012

The Truth About Tiger Woods: his rise to fame from Stanford University to the pinnacle of the golfing world. His quest to catch Jack Nicklaus on top of the majors list, and his inglorious fall from grace. The infidelities, the injuries, the inadvertent mentoring. Tiger's swing may have changed, but the money making hasn't.

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The Truth About Episode 011

The Truth About Endurance Sports. The world's toughest endurance competition: the Ironman. Long distance sports on wheels: Tour de France, Le Mans and Dakar. And those on foot, featuring Kenyan marathoners and the greatest ever marathon runner, Paula Radcliffe. And then there's marathon lawn mowing....

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The Truth About Episode 010

The Truth About the All Blacks: from their menacing Haka, to their all-time greats. Their 2015 World Cup run and the coaches behind the success. Captain McCaw, fabulous fly half Dan Carter, and the future, Julian Savea. What makes them world rugby's greatest team, on and off the pitch.

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The Truth About Episode 009

The Truth About Sports Dynasties: the Chicago Blackhawks and New England Patriots as modern day dynasties. Football dynasties through the years: Bayern, Liverpool, Man United, Inter and AC Milan, Real Madrid and Barca. Rafa Nadal a one man clay dynasty, baseball's Yankees, and the US Women's Soccer Team.

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The Truth About Episode 008

The Truth About Racket Sports: the history of Wimbledon, and tennis through the years. Super Lin Dan and the world of badminton, and a sport not a fruit called squash. Smashin fashion in tennis through the years and the names who've put racket sports on the map.

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The Truth About Episode 007

The Truth About Dynamic Duos: the greatest of them all Gehrig-Ruth, then football duos from Puskas-Di Stefano to Xavi-Iniesta, and Wayne Rooney who can't keep a teammate. Jordan-Pippen and all the great NBA duos, and those, like F1 drivers Hamilton and Rosberg, who struggle to get along.

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The Truth About Episode 006

The Truth About Cristiano Ronaldo: his upbringing in relative poverty to having his own museum in his hometown. His rise from Sporting to Man Utd to Real Madrid. The Ballon d'Or, the bank account, and the babes.

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The Truth About Episode 005

The Truth About Player Nicknames: some elevate reputation, like Eldrick 'Tiger' Woods and Floyd 'Money' Mayweather Jr, some simplify like Brazilian footballers Pelé and Kaká. A few humiliate, like goalkeeper David 'Calamity' James and F1's Pastor 'Crashtor' Maldonado, and others are untouchable, like 'Air' Michael Jordan.

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The Truth About Episode 004

The Truth About Football Physiques: the small superstars like Philipp Lahm, Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi and the Argentinians. Fat footballers Paul Gascoigne and Ronaldo, and powerhouses Benteke and Lukaku.

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The Truth About Episode 003

The Truth About Beach Sports: the Brazilians love of beach volleyball, but American Kerri Walsh Jennings rules it. Eric Cantona puts beach soccer on the map, beach handball, and the fashion. Oh the fashion.

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The Truth About Episode 002

The Truth About Awesome Captains: the ultimate ones like Richie Mccaw, the troubled ones like John Terry. From football to Ryder Cup to Davis Cup, we look at the captains who've created and diverted disaster!

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The Truth About Episode 001

The Truth About Sports Beards: James Harden taught us to Fear The Beard, while other have used it like a cape! Gerard Pique, Andrea Pirlo, Pep Guardiola, and the 2013 Boston Red Sox are a few featured fury faces.

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