Star Block Workout

A unique street workout system that uses only the local landscape and the body’s own weight. An intense urban workout series shot entirely on location in London, Paris, Rio and Johannesburg.

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Star Block Workout Episode 015

On this episode, we take a different look into workouts- If you ask anyone what Brazil is most famous for, you'll usually get one of two answers. The one, is of course football - and that is an association that is well deserved, permeating every aspect of life in Brazil regardless of your social background.

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Star Block Workout Episode 014

On this episode we see Boost in Rio de Janeiro is a city that brings up strong visual connections for many people. Favela life is bustling urban organised chaos at its best, and Rocinha is no exception: it is a Block Workout wonderland just waiting to be discovered...

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Star Block Workout Episode 013

On this episode, Rio De Janeiro, a world class destination - and not only because of its pivotal role as a host city in the 2014 World Cup. With a striking landscape of towering mountains, white sandy beaches and high rise buildings, it is undoubtedly worth a spot on anyone's bucket list...

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Star Block Workout Episode 012

The StarBlockWorkout adventure rolls on at a mesmerising pace and today we've found ourselves in one of the most famous cities in world…the European centre of fashion, food and romance - welcome to Paris…..We're in a location blessed with stunning views and capivating monuments - les douze colonnes in the bustling suburb of Cergy....

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Star Block Workout Episode 011

On this episode we are in the famous French capital city of Paris, home of good food, fine wine, art, fashion and romance….….We've come to the suburban district of Clichy, home of cosmetics giants L'Oreal….but we're not here for a makeover…Boost…has taken the short trip across the English Channel....to bring the raw power of his Block Workout to the fashion capital.

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Star Block Workout Episode 008

On this episode, we workout in Sandton, it's considered by many to be a truly first world city centre that is lighting the way for commerce in the rest of Africa. Today though, it's going to be less play and more hard work as Boost is in town to transform this peaceful park into a brutal block workout paradise.

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Star Block Workout Episode 001

On this episode of Star Block Workout we visit downtown Johannesburg. Once a powerful centre of South African business. It also has been the centre of gradual urban decay over the last 20 years.Today though. The stadium is going to play host to a completely different kind of challenge.

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