Sports Quest

Captivating stories of challenge and triumph – set against the most wild, rugged and idyllic locations. In quest of the utimate ‘ride of a lifetime’, an invigorating series that pits man against nature.

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Sports Quest Episode 026

This week our travels take us to New Zealand where the harsh conditions of the southern ocean provide the perfect platform for the O’Neill Cold Water Classic. Now in its third year, has gained the reputation for being the THE toughest series of events on the World Qualifying Series.

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Sports Quest Episode 025

This week we join two kayakers as they travel the globe in search of epic white water.

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Sports Quest Episode 024

Kashmir, India, holds some of the worlds most spectacular and mystical mountains. This region has laid silent in the mountaineering community for almost 2 decades. Locked within these Himalayan valleys is an endless array of magnificent summits - many unnamed and most unclimbed.

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Sports Quest Episode 023

Since it first emerged from the hills of Northern California over 30 years ago, the mountain bike has become truly ubiquitous. Just as likely to be ridden by city kid as it is by a back woods explorer, nevertheless the all terrain bike has opened up the world to a whole new breed of adventurer.

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Sports Quest Episode 022

First established in the 19th century, the very beginning of the classic alpine climbing era, a small Swiss company grew over the next 150 years to become one of the sports household names. If you are a climber you use ropes, if you use ropes then chances were you relied on the products of Mammut.

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Sports Quest Episode 021

Once again we travel out to the very Southern tip of the South American continent to catch up on teams as they move into the closing stages of the epic Patagonian Expedition Race. They must carry all the supplies and food necessary to get them to the coast of the Beagle Channel. For most teams, this is four days worth of food in addition to all mandatory gear.

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Sports Quest Episode 020

Chile in Patagonia home to unexplored mountains, magnificent fjords, imposing glaciers, vast ice fields and the world’s last wild race. Every year international teams from around the globe come here to challenge themselves in a race through these untamed lands, and every year the competition transforms from a physical journey to a personal quest

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Sports Quest Episode 019

This week we travel to New Zealand and beyond to spend time with a highly unique family. 4 boys, 1 sport and a big world in front of them. This is part two of their story.

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Sports Quest Episode 018

It is exceptional enough for any family to produce one member that makes it all the way to the top of their chosen sport, to become full time professional. Here in New Zealand, a little town of Lake Wanaka is home to a family that tips all of that on its head. 4 boys, 4 pro riders, one surname. The Wells family are nothing if not unique.

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Sports Quest Episode 017

At 8,035 metres, Gasherbrum II in Pakistan is the 13th highest mountain in the world. Last year it saw the first ever Winter expedition sent by a trio of climbers, Simone Moro, Denis Urubko and Corey Richers. Knowing prior acclimatisation would be key to our success, the three of us piled into a jeep for a two hour trip up the end of the Karakorum highway.

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Sports Quest Episode 016

Gliding or Sail Plane Racing, as it is called outside Europe, is often seen as the ultimate test of man and machine against nature. In reality though it’s somewhat different – Man only makes the best of machine by working with nature. 16 of the world’s top aviators race across the roof of South America.

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Sports Quest Episode 015

The week we will make no bones about it, this is Free ride Snowboarding like you have never seen it before. Prepared to be amazed as we join big mountain pro Xavier de Le Rue and friends enjoying a little down time.

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Sports Quest Episode 014

Hans Rey, the worlds most experienced Free rider and Mountain Bike Explorer. Richie Schley Canadian Mountain Bike Superstar and Free ride pioneer and Joscha Forstreuter, Germany’s young and massively talented rider. Their goal – to reach the mysterious and previously in accessible Roop Kind Lank in the Indian Himalayas.

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Sports Quest Episode 013

This week we take a broad look at a series that took a twist to the world of competitive surfing – that is the O’Neill Cold Water Classic. The most northern, the most southern, the widest, the coldest, the most classic surf contest on the planet.

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Sports Quest Episode 012

This week we once again join Mountain biking, Join mountain biking’s ambassador Hans Ray on another of his epic adventures in one of the world’s little known corners. Having thrown himself in the Philippines for a bike festival, attention was turned to a little side trip he long toyed with the idea of.

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Sports Quest Episode 011

This week we take to the road with a group of Europe’s best free skiers and boarders as they head north to the arctic circle to explore the deep powder of Laplands Back Country with some of Europe’s best Free skiers and borders.

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Sports Quest Episode 010

This week we head to a truly epic environment as a pair of German climbers tackle one of the most challenging peaks in Artarctica. The ultimate stage of the journey took the crew to its final destination, the base camp at the bottom of the Holtanna. The extreme climbers got to see the unique beauty of Queen Maud Land for the very first time.

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Sports Quest Episode 009

This week we head to Colorado in the USA, where the small town of Fruita has earned itself a reputation as the countries newest action sports mecca. Catching up first with the man who has been instrumental in building its reputation. Festival organiser Troy Rarick.

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Sports Quest Episode 008

Olympic champions, world champions, high-level athletes from all disciplines and also occasional paddlers will set off in this 24th year of the famous legendary descent from Vallon Pont d'Arc to St Martin d'Ardèche. En route negotiating some of the most spectacular scenery in all of France.

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Sports Quest Episode 007

A mountain back drop again this week as thousands of professional and amateur riders head to Austria for what’s become one of the epics of the cycling endurance event calendar. Now in its thirtieth year, this is the Oetzal Cycle Marathon, 4200 cyclists line up to take part in this very special anniversary.

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Sports Quest Episode 006

We're deep in the heart of the European Alps this week, taking in the thrills of an event, which literally crosses a border, to make the most of some of the best mountain biking terrain on offer in both Switzerland and France.

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Sports Quest Episode 005

We are heading to the wilds of South America, in the company of six of Europe’s best skiers and boarders as they head deep into the Andes in search of the Ultimate Free-ride Thrill.

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Sports Quest Episode 004

We return to one of the wildest corners of South America this week as the impossibly remote Tierra del Fuego plays host to some of the best Adventure races in the world, competing for the top spot on the Patagonia Expedition race.

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Sports Quest Episode 003

The competitive edge taken to the extreme outdoors. One of our wildest locations this week as an international field of adventure racers take on one of the most hostile environments on the planet. Trekking, mountain biking, kayaking the entire length of Tierra del Fuego.

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Sports Quest Episode 002

Over to the epic sands of the UAE we go to this week with highlights of the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge. Multi discipline racing in a truly wild environment, one of the hardest multi-sport adventure races in the world.

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Sports Quest Episode 001

This week we hitch a ride on an awesome tour of the worlds wildest and inaccessible white water spots in the company of a team of specialist kayakers, who have made a career in tackling the impossible a trip to the vast interior of Greenland, with Endless ice sheets, freezing cold and millions of mosquitoes.

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