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Pure Outdoor

Dedicated to the recreational/eco sports that millions have now embraced in their leisure time. Everything outdoor from ultra-marathon, white-water sports, triathlons, cycling, rock-climbing and more...

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Star Block Workout

A unique street workout system that uses only the local landscape and the body's own weight. An intense urban workout series shot entirely on location in London, Paris, Rio and Johannesburg.

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Sports Quest

Captivating stories of challenge and triumph - set against the most wild, rugged and idyllic locations. In quest of the utimate 'ride of a lifetime', an invigorating series that pits man against nature.

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The very best of winter and water sports...

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101 Exercises To Try Before You Die

The entertaining side of fitness. From Yoga to Zumba to far lesser known workouts, discover the 101 exercise you must try before you die!

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Only Live Once

Unlimited street sports for the fearless urban sports fan.

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Facing Waves

Explore some of the world's most spectacular locations in inspiring water sports action.

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