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Dedicated to the recreational/eco sports that millions have now embraced in their leisure time. Everything outdoor from ultra-marathon, white-water sports, triathlons, cycling, rock-climbing and more…

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Pure Outdoor Episode 064

We profile one of the world's best Ultra endurance mountain runners and find out what it takes to compete at the highest level in this demanding sport. Snowboarders and skiers get together on the Kaunertal glacier in Austria to test their skills in preparation for the season.

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Pure Outdoor Episode 063

We are on the shores of Lake Geneva for a festival of extreme sports: Skiers, snowboarders, FMX riders and Mountain bike riders. Only one athlete will be named the champion so they are all out to impress the 30 thousand plus audience with their extreme antics.

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Pure Outdoor Episode 061

Teams are challenged over a 90 kilometre course taking in over 7000 metres of climbing and descending in Austria for the Peak to Creek.

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Pure Outdoor Episode 060

Pure Outdoor heads to Patagonia with Mountaineer and Ice Climber Dani Arnold on an expedition of a lifetime and then we are in Canada for some extreme Freeskiing as some of the best take to the mountains.

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Pure Outdoor Episode 059

Pure Outdoor follows the World’s best Enduro riders as they head to The Erzberg; an astonishing location to ride a near impossible course. We catch up with Pro Snowboarder Xavier De La Rue as he gives an explanation on why he boards at such an extreme speed.

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Pure Outdoor Episode 058

Sam Sutton and Hannes Aigner give us an insight into Extreme kayaking in the Ötztaler

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Pure Outdoor Episode 057

The toughest ultra-trail running race in the calendar. 100 kilometres of off-road running in the Mountainous Pyrenees. Brazilian Pro Kiteboarder Reno Romeu tells Pure Outdoor what it takes to be the best.

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Pure Outdoor Episode 056

Ski Mountaineering is a fast growing sport attracting some of the world's most skilled alpinists, we find out what it takes to compete at the highest level. What do you get when you cross skis with a parachute? Bernd Steiner gives us the answer!

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Pure Outdoor Episode 055

The Peak Break is one of the toughest Amateur cycling stage races Europe has on offer. Its grueling 8 stages bring whomever enter to utter breaking point but the mountainous scenery makes it all well worth it.

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Pure Outdoor Episode 054

Pure Outdoor travels to Switzerland for an insight into ultra-trail-running. A birds eye view from paraglider Jean-Baptiste Chandelier and what it takes for Daniel Arnold to ascend the North face of the Eiger.

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Pure Outdoor Episode 053

The Rote Wand we visit the Vorarlberg region of Austria where two climbers attempt to scale the sheer face of red lime stone. Over the boarder in Italy, two riders take to the trails of Livigno for some high speed and technical mountain biking. And we stay in the mountains as some of the world's top mountain bike racers, take on the Grand raid in Switzerland

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