Fight Stars

The real lives of fighters revealed. Go beyond the ring to explore the fascinating and glamorous lifestyles of fight stars.

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Fight Stars Episode 026

Manny Pacquiao’s upset down under against Jeff Horn. MMA fighter Angela Lee is back at it again and Donnie Yen’s superb Hollywood career. Plus Anthony Joshua takes on another British Champion, but out of the ring!

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Fight Stars Episode 025

Andre Ward upsetting a different weight class with his talent. Gal Gadot uses combat sports for her role in Wonder Woman and the man who’s helped create the king of the UFC!

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Fight Stars Episode 024

Mexican hot property, Canelo Alvarez and his domination in the ring. Judo star Teddy Riner is lighting up the streets of Paris and Formula One’s Daniel Ricciardo gets down with some sumo wrestlers!

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Fight Stars Episode 023

Why Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson’s second bout received heightened attention and the Ukrainian power player, Vasyl Lomachenko!

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Fight Stars Episode 022

Amir Khan’s lengthy career and the reason why the UFC’s Khabib Nurmagomedov couldn’t compete for the lightweight interim title against Tony Ferguson in March of 2017!

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Fight Stars Episode 021

The Hayemaker’s return to the ring and the UFC’s Demetrious Johnson’s unbelievable amount of title defenses. Nicola Adams describes the differences between being an amateur versus a professional boxer!

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Fight Stars Episode 020

Gennady Golovkin taking on the Miracle Man and grime artist Stormzy gets into his own battle. Conor McGregor takes on a new role and some sailors get into it with some sumo wrestlers. Plus the UFC’s Dan Henderson delivers some big news!

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Fight Stars Episode 019

Tony Bellew stepping up to heavyweight to battle David Haye in 2017. Plus when Bellew was a spectator at a match later that year, he had to set the record straight with Deontay Wilder. Demi Lovato finds and loses love with a MMA star and they’re fighting into their forties.

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Fight Stars Episode 018

The greatest heavyweight battle between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko and how one of Britain's best, Ricky Hatton got his groove back! We check out some fighters who’ve also become analysts and the greatest trash talker, Muhammad Ali!

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Fight Stars Episode 017

Ovince Saint Preux making his way into the UFC and Mike Tyson loses it! We get insight into Michael Bisping’s blossoming acting career and one of the men behind the rise of the modern era UFC, Dana White!

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Fight Stars Episode 016

British boxer Kell Brook's attempt at a new weight class and veteran Bernard Hopkins hands out some serious trash talk! We find out about some fight stars and their tattoos and Ronda Rousey's exciting news.

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Fight Stars Episode 015

UFC’s Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes and David Haye’s return to the ring has him fired up! We find out about some fight stars and their slick vehicles and the highs and lows of Mike Tyson’s boxing career and beyond. Plus it’s a dream come true for Nikki Bella!

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Fight Stars Episode 014

The heavyweight hitter, Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder and some classic trash talking from the king of the canvas, Conor McGregor. We find out about some fight stars trying out reality TV while we look at the Golden Boy's shining career.

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Fight Stars Episode 013

One of boxing’s best Miguel Cotto and two of UFC’s rising stars in and out of love. Prince Naseem gets into some trash talking and we find out about The Rock’s pre Hollywood blockbuster career. Plus Dennis Rodman wrestles with WCW and Ridick Bowe throws his hat in the ring, again!

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Fight Stars Episode 012

the UFC’s Jon Jones, while Jay Z and Oscar De La Hoya hedge their bets. Carl Froch gets into some trash talk and we find out about more females setting their sights high in the combat world, from Cuban boxers to the American boxer turned MMA fighter, Holly Holm!

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Fight Stars Episode 011

UFC veteran Anderson Silva, while 50 Cent tries to make it in the ring. Heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua has a small surprise while there's more women rising up the UFC ranks. And fight stars in films!

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Fight Stars Episode 010

Floyd Mayweather Jr and his post boxing career and some anti trash talkers in the sport. In wrestling, we look at Japan’s big list of medallists at Rio 2016 and finally, it’s the boxer who went from fighting in the streets to the ring, Robson Conceição!

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Fight Stars Episode 009

The rise and fall of Tyson Fury and Nicola Adams exciting start to 2017. In the UFC we find out about the first man to beat Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz. Finally, it’s the heavyweight hero turned salesman, George Foreman and Jay Z’s boxers in the ring!

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Fight Stars Episode 008

Wladimir Klitschko’s 2017 return to the ring and Hollywood’s Idris Elba entering the world of combat sports. In the UFC we look at Tito Ortiz and his love life. Finally, Irish boxer Katie Taylor turn pro and one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Jackie Chan!

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Fight Stars Episode 007

some females dominating the fight world like Angela Lee and Paige VanZant. In the UFC we look at Michael Bisping’s clean slate win. Finally, we can’t forget about Hollywood and Demi Lovato's love life while Sylvester Stallone learns how to box from the best!

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Fight Stars Episode 006

We look at some females dominating the fight world like Nicola Adams and Marlen Esparza. In the UFC we look at Ronda Rousey’s devastating 2016 loss. Finally, Wayne Rooney takes on wrestling while Hollywood superstar Will Smith spars with Britain's best!

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Fight Stars Episode 005

The biggest boxing star in China, Zou Shiming. In the UFC we step outside of the canvas to learn about colour commentator Joe Rogan and some fighters who became politicians. Finally, it’s Kosovo’s first Olympic gold medallist and more of that trash talk!

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Fight Stars Episode 004

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, and her old training partner, Kayla Harrison. We also look at some boxers who won an Olympic medal before becoming a champion and Mexico’s finest, Canelo Alvarez. Finally, Nikki Bella found love with fellow wrestler, John Cena!

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Fight Stars Episode 003

The Filipino with a fighting spirit Manny Pacquiao and what the best in the UFC use to fuel their fights. We also look at the greatest, Muhammad Ali and the wrestler Helen Maroulis.

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Fight Stars Episode 002

Britain's boxer Anthony Joshua while UFC’s Ronda Rousey has met her match. We also look at fighters who have made some nice coin in 2016 and a footballer turned wrestler. Finally it’s a new star in the UFC, Paige VanZant!

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Fight Stars Episode 001

UFC sharp shooting Conor McGregor and the judo french force, Teddy Riner. We also look at fighters who have made it in Hollywood. Finally it’s the brightest duo in WWE, the Bella Twins!

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