Facing Waves

Explore some of the world’s most spectacular locations in inspiring water sports action.

Watch Facing Waves Episode 006 now

Facing Waves Episode 006

Take part in one of the world's most extreme whitewater races—the Alseseca Race in Veracruz, Mexico.

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Facing Waves Episode 005

With glacier-fed rivers, endless coastline and an abundance of sea life, british columbia is a paddler's dream. Steep creeks flow from the coastal mountains, and strong tidal flows form perfect surf waves to provide endless challeneges for white water paddlers. Sea kayakers and stand up paddle boarders can paddle the providence's pristine coastlines or cruise through scenic city harbours.

Watch Facing Waves Episode 004 now

Facing Waves Episode 004

With thousands of rivers and creeks winding their way through lush countryside, southeastern U.S. has some of the most epic white water paddling that you'll find anywhere. And to a family of world champions who have had and continue to have an enormous influence on the development of the sport of white water kayaking. Steep creeks, tight lines and big drops.

Watch Facing Waves Episode 003 now

Facing Waves Episode 003

With over 270 miles of beaches and countless world class surf breaks, stand up paddling has been exploding in popularity in Puerto Rico. It has become a favourite destination for riders around the world. Although most stand up paddlers travel to Puerto Rico for its exceptional surf, there are a whole lot of flat water adventures to choose from.

Watch Facing Waves Episode 002 now

Facing Waves Episode 002

Just west of Canada's capital city of Ottowa, over 900 lakes and four major river systems wind their way around Rolling Hills, vibrant forrests and lush farm lands to form one of Canada's top paddling destinations, the Ottawa Valley.

Watch Facing Waves Episode 001 now

Facing Waves Episode 001

With 7,000 miles of coastline, over half a million lakes, and 4500 rivers, Quebec is not just Canada's largest providence, it's one of the top paddling destinations in the world.

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