Dream Teams

Our panel of experts select the ultimate dream teams – by club, sport, nation and era. Who makes the cut and who will be left out in this contentious documentary series?

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Dream Teams Episode 030

Sir Donald Bradman was always going to make the Australian Test dream team, but which other legends - past or present - will join him? Plus, we select the greatest side from the subcontinent. These line-ups are plucked from the heavens.

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Dream Teams Episode 029

Who are the greatest combatants to have taken part in the golf’s great team competition, the Ryder Cup? It’s the best ever for both the United States and Europe, so how many of the younger generation can break into the lineups of the legends? On the show that dares to dream.

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Dream Teams Episode 028

The best drivers from Formula 1’s greatest eras come together in a race of the ages. Rivals become teammates as each driver represents the decade in which they were most successful. Who takes pole - and who misses out on a start?

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Dream Teams Episode 027

The greatest ever from tennis’ most storied team competitions come together. Who joins Pete Sampras in the ultimate USA Davis Cup team? Who makes the Czech Republic’s Fed Cup Dream Team? And the best men and women from the 1990s.

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Dream Teams Episode 026

The pride of New Zealand, the All Blacks, are international rugby’s most legendary team. Who would make an all-time All Blacks lineup? And the greatest players to never win the RugbyWorld Cup come together.

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Dream Teams Episode 025

Choosing a New York Knicks Dream Team means weighing up their 70s title-winners against individual greats from other eras. And the legends of a decade that laid the foundations for today’s stars, as we pick the best of the 1980s

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Dream Teams Episode 024

We select the best two drivers from each of the ten most successful countries to create a dream Formula 1 grid. Who will get pole - and which legends miss out on a place altogether?

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Dream Teams Episode 023

Jose Mourinho’s career has taken him to some of the game’s top clubs, so his best XI contains many of a generation’s most brilliant players. And how many big names of the modern era can break into Belgium’s all-time greatest team?

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Dream Teams Episode 022

How many stars that powered Manchester City’s 2010s emergence as a power of English football can find a spot in the club’s greatest ever XI? And a Dream Team of the loyalists who have spent their entire career with one club.

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Dream Teams Episode 021

Spain’s rise as an international football powerhouse has been relatively recent but how many of the 2010 World Cup heroes made it into their greatest ever XI. And what about the Bad Boys of footballer. Who makes the Dream Team of misbehaving marvels?

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Dream Teams Episode 020

Liverpool has a dramatic history of success and sadness. Who makes it into their greatest team and which of their famous leaders will be at the helm. Then Italy, the most successful World Cup nation from Europe, has built its success on defence with one very famous forward left out of the Azzurri dream team

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Dream Teams Episode 019

Some of the greatest names in football never won the game's highest individual honour, the Ballon d'Or. So we've gathered them together in the Never won a Ball d'Or Dream Team. Then, how many of Atletico Madrid's modern marvels can break into their greatest team?

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Dream Teams Episode 018

Who of the score of famous champions to have worn the famous red and black make AC Milan’s Dream Team. And the managerial icon of English Premier League, Sir Alex Ferguson never wanted to choose his greatest team, but that’s what we’ve done for him on the show that dares to dream.

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Dream Teams Episode 017

Dream Teams turns to Formula 1 to select not just the best from one team, but two drivers from each of the ten most successful teams to create a dream Formula 1 grid. Some legends will miss and others get lucky.

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Dream Teams Episode 016

The Miami Heat may be one of the youngest NBA franchises but there are still strong talents from which to choose its greatest lineup. And a Dream Team of the best players to have never won an NBA championship.

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Dream Teams Episode 015

To the NBA's greatest regular-season team of all-time, add the most dominant player in the game's history - it's the Golden State Warriors Dream Team. And the best of a decade come together as we pick the team of the 2000s.

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Dream Teams Episode 014

Michael Jordan is in, but who else joins him in our selection of the greatest to play for the Chicago Bulls? And we pick a team of the best players to have turned out for legendary coach Pat Riley.

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Dream Teams Episode 013

We turn to basketball to select the ultimate Los Angeles Lakers lineup. And the legends of a golden age of basketball, it's the best of the 1990s, on the show that dares to dream.

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Dream Teams Football Episode 011

How many of our South American Dream Team hail from the continent's two traditionally strongest countries, Brazil and South America? And the greatest to have turned out for Croatia since the national team competed as an independent nation, on the show that dares to dream.

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Dream Teams Football Episode 010

Since 1992, the Premier League has been a showcase of some of the game's finest talents, so picking a best XI is never going to be easy. And Johan Cruyff leads a team of total footballers in the Ajax's greatest team, on the show that dares to dream.

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Dream Teams Football Episode 009

There are World Cup heroes galore in Germany's Dream Team And how many of the 2010s trophy-gluttons can break into the Paris Saint-Germain's greatest XI? on the show that dares to dream.

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Dream Teams Football Episode 008

Fitting the legends of the 1960s, a golden age for the game, into one team, means all-time greats will miss out. And the best from across the eras look to displace World Cup heroes in France's best XI, on the show that dares to dream.

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Dream Teams Football Episode 006

Stacked with legends of the past and present, Barcelona's greatest XI is a who's who of the Camp Nou. And a generation's finest has turned out for Carlo Ancelotti - who makes his ultimate lineup? On the show that dares to dream.

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Dream Teams Football Episode 005

With so many greats to choose from, who makes into the greatest XI of the 1970s? And the Juventus Dream Team is so strong that legends and Ballon d'Or winners miss out on selection... on the show that dares to dream.

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Dream Teams Football Episode 004

Some of the world's greatest players have turned out for Argentina, so fitting them all into the Dream Team is impossible, so who makes the cut? And balancing the European-champion eras of the German powerhouse Bayern Munich.

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Dream Teams Football Episode 003

With all-time greats and World Cup winners galore, who makes it into Brazil's Greatest XI? And the best of the modern marvels that have played for Pep Guardiola, on the show that dares to dream.

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Dream Teams Football Episode 002

So many legends have turned out for Manchester United, who makes it into their Greatest XI? And what if the best managers picked a team from among themselves to take the field? On the show that dares to dream.

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Dream Teams Football Episode 001

Who is in Real Madrid's greatest ever XI ... and how many of England's World Cup winning team of 1966 make it into their ultimate team of champions? No guidelines, no rules, only opinions. On the show that dares to dream.

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