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Watch Arena Esports Episode 123 now

Arena Esports Episode 123

June 21

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

A champion is crowned at the Las Vegas stop on the Hearthstone Masters Tour. Dota2 Professionals clash at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota2 Minor. An Arena Esports world exclusive Magic Arena reveal. Plus all the news and game changes affecting your favourite pros.

Watch Arena Esports Episode 122 now

Arena Esports Episode 122

June 13

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

A new Korean Starcraft League champion is crowned. The greatest Street Fighter 5 pros compete at the Taipei Major 2019. We take a look at G2’s world championship winning Rainbow Six Siege Team. Plus, all the news and upcoming events from the world of Esports.

Watch Arena Esports Episode 121 now

Arena Esports Episode 121

June 6

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

Overwatch Contenders aim their sights at the Atlantic Showdown in Krefeld, Germany. Tekken World Tour players bump fists at Electric Clash in Canada. The actions heats up in time for the Magic Arena Mythic Championship 3, plus the news and game changes rapidly effecting the world of professional gaming.

Watch Arena Esports Episode 120 now

Arena Esports Episode 120

May 30

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

We look at the Overwatch Contenders Pacific Showdown, and what path the winners took to get there. Plus a sneak peek at the upcoming Magic Arena Mythic Championship III, and all the esports news from around the world.

Watch Arena Esports Episode 119 now

Arena Esports Episode 119

May 23

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

We recap the Tekken 7 and Super Smash Ultimate tournaments from BAM 11 in Australia, plus a preview of the upcoming Smite MSI and all the news and game changes from around the world

Watch Arena Esports Episode 118 now

Arena Esports Episode 118

May 16

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

Catch all the High-flying goal-scoring action from the Rocket League season 7 Regional Championships. Plus, we explore the teams competing on the road to the Arena of Valor World Championships 2019

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