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Watch Arena Esports Episode 105 now

Arena Esports Episode 105

February 14

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

Brave warriors from the World of Warcraft Arena Championship have returned for the 2019 season. What to expect from GWENT in 2019, plus the news, game changes and tier lists changing the way we watch esports.

Watch Arena Esports Episode 104 now

Arena Esports Episode 104

February 7

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

It was a fighting game frenzy in Oakland last weekend as players across multiple fighting game titles went head to head on the Genesis 6 main stage. Discover the teams looking to make an impact in the 2019 Paladins Premier League, plus the news and game changes from the world of esports.

Watch Arena Esports Episode 103 now

Arena Esports Episode 103

January 31

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

Legends were made at the DOTA 2 Chongqing Major. The conclusion to the year long Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour in the city of Los Angeles. A guide to Starcraft 2 Esports in 2019, plus the latest news and game changes making their way into the world of esports

Watch Arena Esports Episode 102 now

Arena Esports Episode 102

January 24

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

Seven Overwatch Contenders teams experience the sweet taste of victory. The Chongqing Group Stage results for DOTA 2. What is crossplay, and how will it affect esports as we know it? Now that there is a five million dollar prize pool, now is the time to learn how to play Magic: the Gathering. And all the esports news you need to know.

Watch Arena Esports Episode 101 now

Arena Esports Episode 101

January 17

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

A fierce rivalry of North American Halo 3 talent excited the esport fans of St.Louis at the Halo Classic UGC event. The fall of an esport as Blizzard Entertainment lets go of Heroes of the Storm and it’s global championship esports division. A shortlist of things to get excited for in 2019 esports, plus the news and game content exciting the online world of competitive gaming

Watch Arena Esports Episode 100 now

Arena Esports Episode 100

January 10

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

It’s every player for themself at the Hearthstone All-Star Invitational in the city of Taipei. A roadmap for SMITE esports in 2019. The road to victory at the KSL Starcraft Remastered finals, plus the news and game content making its way into the incredible world of professional level gaming.

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