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Watch Arena Esports Episode 114 now

Arena Esports Episode 114

April 18

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

Smash Brothers Ultimate” champion is crowned at the 2GG: Prime Saga championship in California. “Hearthstone” releases their latest expansion and the pros reveal their preferred decks. Plus the latest news from around the world surrounding the exhilarating world of competitive gaming.

Watch Arena Esports Episode 113 now

Arena Esports Episode 113

April 11

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

We bring you the results of the OPL Split 1 Grand Final, give you the low- down on the end of the Hearthstone World Tour, and give you a preview of the Korea StarCraft League. All that, plus the latest esports news and changes you need to know about.

Watch Arena Esports Episode 112 now

Arena Esports Episode 112

April 4

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

The first Magic Arena Mythic Invitational goes down in Boston. We look into the method behind the madness of pro esports keyboards and mice. Plus all the esports new and game changers fans need to know about.

Watch Arena Esports Episode 111 now

Arena Esports Episode 111

March 28

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

The best Street Fighter V players battle it out for glory in Malaysia. A sneak peak into the professional Rocket League action for 2019. Meet the new characters in Mortal Kombat 11. What are battle royales, and which one should you be playing? Plus all the esports news you need to know about.

Watch Arena Esports Episode 110 now

Arena Esports Episode 110

March 21

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

War was brewing in Warsaw as the most talented GWENT players competed at the GWENT Open #8. A new year of Hearthstone is on the horizon with Blizzard Entertainment announcing a new card expansion. Discover the changes in the Tekken World Tour 2019, plus all the news and new game content in the world of esports.

Watch Arena Esports Episode 109 now

Arena Esports Episode 109

March 14

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

One lucky team is on it’s way to Stockholm after going above and beyond at the Starladder ImbaTV DOTA 2 minor. The legendary players earning big bucks in the global Fortnite esports scene. Plus the news, game content and must-play shaping the world of esports.

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