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Arena Esports Episode 095

December 6

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

An unsuspected turn of events at the Tekken World Tour finals in Amsterdam. Discover the gaming franchises turn esports that have stood the test of time, plus the news and game content shaking up the professional esports scene.

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Arena Esports Episode 094

November 29

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

The SMITE masters of the world took center stage at Dreamhack Atlanta for the end of season grand finals. Dragon Ball Fighter Z professionals going above and beyond for the 6th prestigious Dragon Ball. A viewer's guide to some of the best esports of today, plus the news and game changes hitting the world of competitive game.

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Arena Esports Episode 093

November 22

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

Natus Vincere and Team Envy go head to head in the Paladins World Championship Grand Final at Dreamhack Atlanta. Australian League of Legends rocks the city of Melbourne for the League of Origin Grand Final. The final Hearthstone expansion for the Year of the Raven, plus the news and game changes affecting the world of esports.

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Arena Esports Episode 092

November 15

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

High-flying goal-scoring action from the 2018 Rocket League World Championship in the city of Las Vegas. FGC royalty looking ahead to their respective world tour finals. A viewer's guide to virtual racing esports plus the news and game changes affecting the world of esports.

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Arena Esports Episode 091

November 8

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

All the groundbreaking esport action from the illustrious Blizzcon 2018 in Anaheim, including the Overwatch World Cup, Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, Hearthstone Global Games and World of Warcraft Arena finals. Plus all the in-game announcements exciting the fans of competitive level gaming.

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Arena Esports Episode 090

November 1

Runtime: 23'45 | Language: English

Another victory on the Hearthstone Tour Stop Season 3. The Paladins Global Series contenders preparing for Dreamhack Atlanta. Street Fighter V mayhem from the Canada Cup 2018. A guide to Blizzcon Esports, plus the news and game changes affecting the world of esports

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