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Sport Confidential

The major stories in world sport, every week. The ultimate wrap of the week in sport including news, highlights and insights around sports biggest events. A new episode every Tuesday

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Dream Teams

Our panel of experts select the ultimate dream teams - by club, sport, nation and era. Who makes the cut and who will be left out in this contentious documentary series?

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The Immortals

Celebrating the careers of the greatest sports men and women of all time. The definitive documentary series on sport's biggest names.

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The Burning Issue

A fun debate series exploring the 'hottest issues' in sport - the issues may not always be so serious but the debate is always lively!

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Sport Stars Uncovered

Sports biggest names in real life… the glamour, the colour, the controversies that follow the biggest names in sport.

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National Icons

The biggest names in sport take on the greatest legends in the ultimate battle for supremacy.

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The Truth About

The 'real thing' in sports!   Exploring a variety of topics in the world of sport.

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The greatest, most inspirational and finest moments in the history of sport, relived!

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Club loyalty is the basis of our greatest passion for sport - players come and go, the club is forever. The documentary series featuring the most famous clubs, their traditions, rivalries and the making of club champions.

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Top Countdown

Counting down the biggest and the best of the hottest topics in sport.

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Up Close With

Rare interviews with sport's elite champions as they open up to share what drives them and the challenges they've overcome to succeed in the pursuit of their dreams.

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